Stress Echocardiogram

A Stress Echocardiogram incorporates a treadmell test along with imaging of the heart utilizing ultrasound (sound waves). The test will help you doctor determine if there are areas of your heart which do not receive enough blood supply due to coronary artery disease. Areas of your heart which may have been damaged from a previous heart attack may also be seen. Ultrasound images will be obtained before and immediately after exercise on a treadmill. During the treadmill, you will be continuously monitored for blodd pressure, heart rate, rhythm and ECG changes.
The test takes approximately 1 hour.

Patient Instructions:

1. Do not eat or drink anything two hours prior to the test.
2. Diabetics should eat a light breakfast and take their insulin.
3. Take all you regular medications, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
4. If instructed by your physician, do not take the following medications 24 hours prior to your appointment:
Acebutolol     Diltiazem     Nadolol     Tiazac
Atenolol     Imdur     Normodyne     Toprol
Calan     Inderal     Pindolol     Trandate
Cardizem     Isoptin     Propanolol     Verapamil
Corgard     Labetalol     Tarka     Zebeta
Coreg     Lopressor     Tenormin     Ziac
Dilacor     Metoprolol     Tenoretic      
5. Wear two-piece clothing and comfortable shoes.
6. Your physician will be notified of the results.

If you need to reschedule the test or have any questions regarding these instructions, please call our office at 302-645-1233. 

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