Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound Testing

A Venous Duplex Study uses sound waves to check the venous flow in the legs or arms for blood clots which may cause pain or swelling. THe test is noninvasive, which means no needles, catheters or dyes are used. Ultrasound is used to create a pisture of the shape of tissues and organs inside your body. The walls of blood vessels, including any deposits or narrowing, can also be seen.

Gel is placed on the skin over the area to be studied. An instrument, called a transducer, is placed on our skin. Sound waves are transmitted from the transducer. The sound waves reflect off the tissues and organs to create a picture that can be seen on a screen. Blood flow through the blood vessels can be heard as the test is being completed.

Patient Instructions:

1. Allow 45 minutes for one arm or leg and 1 hour for both extremities.
2. Wear two-piece clothing.
3. Your physician will be notified of the results.

If you need to reschedule or have questions, please call 302-645-1233



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