Insurance & Billing

When do I have to pay my co-payment and deductible?

You are expected to pay your plan-required co-payment, estimated co-payment and/or deductible prior to leaving the office. CVCDE accepts personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card.

Will the office bill my insurance company for me?
Yes, the office will, as a courtesy to you, send your insurance company a bill for services you incurred as a patient.  It is important to remember, however; that the office relies on you for settling your account in full regardless of your insurance coverage.  Your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your health insurance carrier.

What if I am having difficulties paying my co-payment or deductible?
Our Billing Department is available and here to assist you. Please contact billing at 866-616-2425.

Can I pay my bill online?
Yes you can..

Do I need a Referral?
If your insurance plan requires a referral for you to see us, you are responsible for obtaining a referral authorization from your primary care physician. If we have not received an authorization prior to your arrival at the office, your non-emergent appointment may not be covered. If you are having a test performed in our office, we will take care of obtaining any necessary referrals or authorizations.    

Do I need to show my insurance card at each visit?
A patient's insurance plan, ID Number or Group Number may change at any time throughout the course of the year. We ask to see the card at each visit to ensure sure we have current information. Inaccurate insurance information can delay payment and may lead to increased medical costs for all patients.

Where do I send my payment?

Please send your payment to:
Cardiovascular Consultants of Southern Delware
16704 King’s Highway
Lewes De 19958
Attn: Billing department



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